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The college volleyball libero, explained | NCAA.com

Per the NCAA rules book for women’s and men’s volleyball, the libero is strictly a back-row player and can only be replaced by the same player it replaces. Also, a coach can only designate one ...

The Libero in Volleyball: A Defensive Specialist

A libero is a defensive specialist position in indoor volleyball. The position was added to the game of indoor volleyball in 1999 along with a set of special rules for play in order to foster more digs and rallies and to make the game more exciting overall.

What is a Libero? | Volley-Pedia's Complete Guide to: Libero ...

What is a libero? It’s probably one of the most common questions in volleyball, and the simple answer is ‘a back-row specialist’. Liberos were first introduced into the sport in 1998 as a way to promote longer rallies and create more defensive opportunities. Since then, it has developed into one of the most skill-speci

Official Volleyball Libero (Libro) Player Rules

The libero is a special defensive player on the team that is only allowed to play for back row players. Rules in volleyball allow the libero to quickly make exchanges with back row players during dead ball situations.

Volleyball Libero Facts Defensive Rules Responsibilities and ...

The volleyball libero is a defensive specialist who wears a contrasting color jersey that differentiates her from her teammates. (Ralph Aversen) The libero is a defensive specialist who wears a contrasting color jersey that differentiates her from her teammates.

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What’s The Job of a Libero in Volleyball? | Volleyball Guide ...

In volleyball the Libero is the Defensive Captain and wears a different colored jersey. There are typically six rotations per game. A rotation is when players rotate in a clockwise direction after scoring a point when the other team serves.

Master Guide To Liberos In Volleyball: Rules, Rotation, And ...

The libero can’t attack the ball from above the height of the net. Even in the backcourt, the libero is limited in attacking. Remember, the position is designed to be defensive. So the libero is allowed to hit an attack, but it must be when the ball is below the height of the net.

What Does a Libero Do in Volleyball? - Get The Pancake

The libero will play either middle back or left back for their team’s middle blockers. This libero will serve in place of the weaker middle blocker. Liberos should pass more than anyone else. When the ball is between another player and a libero, the libero is generally the one you want to take it.