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                                    • Straw pellet machine helps Harbin Ice City win the “Blue Sky Defense War”

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                                      In front of a biomass power generation company in Fangzheng County, Harbin, vehicles lined up to transport straw into the plant. In the past two years, Fangzheng County, relying on its resource advantages, introduced a large-scale project of “Straw bet365 online bettingizer Biomass bet365 online bettings Power Generati...

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                                        1. How to maintain the gears of the biomass pellet machine

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                                          The gear is a part of the biomass pellet machine. It is an indispensable core part of the machine and equipment, so its maintenance is very important. Next, Shandong Kingoro pellet machine manufacturer will teach you how to maintain the gear to be more effective. To maintain it. Gears vary accord...

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                                          • Congratulations to the successful convening of the 8th Member Congress of Shandong Institute of Particulates

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                                            On March 14, the 8th Member Representative Conference of Shandong Institute of Particulates and the Awarding Conference of Science and Technology Award of Shandong Institute of Particulates was held in the auditorium of Shandong Jubangyuan High-end Equipment Technology Group Co., Ltd. Researcher ...

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                                          • Ways to make the sawdust pellet machine play a role

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                                            The way to make the sawdust pellet machine play its value. Sawdust pellet machine is mainly suitable for granulating coarse fibers, such as wood chips, rice husks, cotton stalks, cotton seed skins, weeds and other crop stalks, household garbage, waste plastics and factory waste, with low adhesion...

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                                            1. Cow dung can be used not only as fuel pellets, but also for cleaning dishes

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                                              With the rapid development of the cattle industry, manure pollution has become a major problem. According to relevant data, in some places, cattle manure is a kind of waste, which is very suspected. The pollution of cow manure to the environment has exceeded industrial pollution. The total amount...
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                                              • UK government to issue new biomass strategy in 2022

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                                                The U.K. government announced on Oct. 15 that it intends to publish a new biomass strategy in 2022. The U.K. Renewable Energy Association welcomed the announcement, stressing that bioenergy is essential to the renewables revolution. The U.K. Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strateg...

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                                                    • How to start with a small  investment in wood pellet plant?

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                                                      HOW TO START WITH A SMALL INVESTMENT IN WOOD PELLET PLANT?     It is always fair to say that you invest something at first with a small This logic is correct, in most cases. But talking about building a pellet plant, things are different. First of all, you need to understand that, to s...

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                                                      • Installation of No. 1 boiler in the JIUZHOU Biomass Cogeneration Project in MEILISI

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                                                        In Heilongjiang Province of China, recently, the No. 1 boiler of the Meilisi Jiuzhou Biomass Cogeneration Project, one of the 100 largest projects in the province, passed the hydraulic test at one time. After the No. 1 boiler passed the test, the No. 2 boiler is also under intense installation. I...

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                                                      • How are pellets being produced?

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                                                        HOW ARE PELLETS BEING PRODUCED? Compared to other technologies of up- grading biomass, pelletisation is a fairly efficient, simple and low cost process. The four key steps within this process are: • pre-milling of raw material • drying of raw material •milling of raw material • densification of ...

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                                                          • bet365 online betting Specification & Method Comparisons

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                                                            While the PFI and ISO standards seem very similar in many ways, it is important to note the often subtle differences in the specifications and the referenced test methods, as PFI and ISO are not always comparable. Recently, I was asked to compare the methods and specifications referenced in the P...
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                                                          • Poland increased production and use of wood pellets

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                                                            According to a report recently submitted by the Global Agricultural Information Network of the Bureau of Foreign Agriculture of the United States Department of Agriculture, Polish wood pellet production reached approximately 1.3 million tons in 2019. According to this report, Poland is a growing ...

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                                                              • bet365 online betting–Excellent heat energy purely from nature

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                                                                High-Quality Fuel Easily and Inexpensively bet365 online bettings are domestic, renewable bioenergy in a compact and efficient form. It is dry, dustless, odourless, of uniform quality, and manageable fuel. The heating value is excellent. At its best, pellet heating is as easy as the old school oil heating. The ...

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