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What Is Application Of Four Imaging Methods?
- Mar 16, 2021 -

What kind of inspections are applied to the four imaging methods?,basketball legends 2018

byu men's volleyball live,When seeing a doctor, doctors often prescribe a variety of imaging checklists: ultrasound, CT, MRI...Many patients question the doctor’s deliberately prescribing high-priced checklists. In fact, doctors choose different imaging tests based on different conditions.

1. Traumatic bones-take a rough look at X-rays and take a closer look at CT,handball in football rules

For all kinds of trauma, if bones are suspected to be injured, X-ray photos are preferred, and the examination results are quick and easy to get. For further observation, you can choose CT. Ultrasound and NMR are not clear for bone, cortex, and medulla, so they are generally not selected.,basketball ball games unblocked

2. Cervical spine and lumbar spine-the best choice for NMR, second choice for CT,tennis albany

cricket bat grips rebel sport,Cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation and other intervertebral disc diseases require observation of the intervertebral disc and the corresponding nerve roots. If you want to better observe these soft tissues, the best choice is NMR. Similarly, MRI is also the first choice for joint, muscle, and adipose tissue examination.

soccer manager 2021 cheats money,3. Breast-take a rough look at the X-ray and take a closer look at the CT

cricket live zone,X-ray chest X-ray can roughly check the heart, aorta, lungs, pleura, ribs, etc., and can check for increased lung texture, lung calcification points, and aortic node calcification.

basketball stand sports direct,Chest CT examination reveals clearer structures, and the sensitivity and accuracy of detecting chest lesions are better than those of conventional X-ray chest radiographs, especially for the diagnosis of early lung cancer. However, the radiation dose of CT examination is higher than that of X-ray. The application of NMR to the diagnosis of lung diseases is very limited.

4. Abdominal and pelvic cavity-except for the intestines, general ultrasound can be checked,rugby union today

Abdominal organs are greatly affected by breathing, which in turn affects CT and MRI, but ultrasound will not be affected. At the same time, ultrasound has a high diagnostic accuracy rate for liver, spleen, pancreas, kidney, and pelvic organs.,roulette free play for fun

soccer espn live,However, ultrasound is greatly interfered by gas, and the accuracy of ultrasound diagnosis will be reduced for organs with a lot of gas such as the intestine.

5. Heart-CT is used to exclude coronary heart disease, and ultrasound is used to check heart function,bonanza leovegas

kick and run soccer kelowna,Conventional cardiac structure and function examinations, the information provided by cardiac color Doppler ultrasound is relatively sufficient and simple and easy to implement.

CT can be used to examine the coronary arteries, but coronary CT examination has a large amount of radiation and is not suitable for routine physical examination. Although NMR has no electromagnetic radiation, its observation of coronary arteries is inferior to CT. Cardiac MRI is the "gold standard" for evaluating the structure and function of the heart.,rate of cricket kit

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