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Small Science Popularization Of Medical Equipment
- Aug 20, 2021 -

hero isl 2015 final match highlights,Basic knowledge and instrument introduction of hospital anesthesia

cricket online date,Anesthesia work includes preparation and treatment before and after anesthesia, monitoring and treatment of critically ill patients, emergency resuscitation, pain treatment, etc. The scope of work extends from operating rooms to wards, outpatient clinics, emergency rooms and other places, from clinical medicine to teaching and scientific research.

What is the job of an anesthesiologist?,soccer cleats usa

casino online terbaik malaysia,The anesthesiologist is also called the doctor in the operating room. The anesthesiologist must relieve the patient's pain and manage the patient's vital signs, including breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, heart, nervous system, liver and kidney functions, etc. It is not only necessary to be proficient in various anesthesia techniques to ensure that the patient's operation is painless and smooth, but also to use advanced equipment to monitor the patient's life function at any time. Take a variety of treatment measures to maintain the stability of the patient's life function and ensure the safety of the patient.

Inside the operating room

handball tricks and skills,Introduction to the main medical equipment of the Anesthesiology Department:

1.Anesthesia Machine,tennis camp north vancouver

free online games basketball nba,The anesthesia machine is mainly used for general anesthesia. It delivers anesthetic agent to the patient's alveoli through a mechanical circuit, forming a partial pressure of anesthetic gas. After dispersing into the blood, it directly inhibits the central nervous system and produces general anesthesia. The anesthesia machine is a semi-open anesthesia device. It is mainly composed of a liquid medicine tank (evaporation tank), ether adjustment switch, folding bellows, inhalation and breathing circuits, exhalation check valve and bellows.


kbo league odds,2. Medical monitor

A medical monitor is a device or system that measures and controls the physiological parameters of a patient. It can be compared with a known set value. If it exceeds the standard, an alarm device or system can be issued. The monitor must continuously monitor the physiological parameters of the patient for 24 hours, find the trend in time, point out the critical situation, and provide the basis for the doctor's emergency treatment and treatment, so as to minimize complications and achieve the purpose of treatment. Reduce and eliminate this situation. In addition to measuring and monitoring physiological parameters, the purpose of the monitor also includes monitoring and processing medications and the situation before and after surgery.,handball tricks and skills

portable multi-parameter patient monitor

free online games basketball nba,3. Visual laryngoscope (tube mirror)

Clinically, it is a tool that stimulates patients to expose the glottis of the pharynx. The visual laryngoscope effectively solves the conventional and difficult tracheal intubation treatment in anesthesia and emergency rescue. Doctors can complete tracheal intubation clearly, intuitively and gently through the laryngoscope screen, ensuring safe and effective operation for surgical patients and reducing complications of tracheal intubation.,blackjack ballroom casino no deposit

Video laryngoscope