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History Development Of Biochemical Analyzer
- Aug 31, 2021 -

tennis outfit junior,The development history, current situation and trend of biochemical analyzer

The biochemical analyzer, also called the biochemical analyzer, belongs to the category of clinical diagnostic analyzers. It is a testing equipment used to detect human liver function, renal function, blood sugar, blood lipids, myocardial enzymes and ions. Generally, venous blood is used as the test sample. Test the above items to determine the potential diseases of the human body.,soccer world cup best goals

soccer royale forum,The development history of biochemical analyzer

the mirage sports book,  The first generation biochemical analyzer:

   The first generation of biochemical analyzer is a spectrophotometer, which uses ultraviolet light, visible light, infrared light and laser to measure the absorption spectrum of substances, and uses this absorption spectrum to perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of substances and material structure analysis.,tennis game kit

uk soccer shop jobs,Advantages and disadvantages of    spectrophotometer:

  Advantages: ①Read the absorbance directly; ②Simple operation; ③Inexpensive reagents.,pba score

   Disadvantages: ①The concentration value cannot be calculated directly; ②The error is large; ③Many items cannot be measured.,the mirage sports book

The second generation biochemical analyzer:,basketball layup fakes

tennis game kit,The second-generation biochemical analyzer is a semi-automatic biochemical analyzer, which means that part of the operation in the analysis process (such as sample addition, heat preservation, inhalation colorimetry, result recording, etc.) needs to be completed manually, while another part of the operation can be performed by biochemical analysis The meter is automatically completed. This type of instrument is characterized by small size, simple structure, and great flexibility. It can be used separately or in conjunction with other instruments, and the price is low.

   The advantages and disadvantages of semi-automatic biochemical analyzer:,uk soccer shop jobs

soccer in chinese word,  Advantages: ①The content of the measurement item can be directly calculated, eliminating the need for labor; ②The absorbance change of the measured substance can be monitored in real time, and the enzyme method can be measured.

tennis doubles world rankings,   Disadvantages: manual sample addition is required, and the error of incubating specimens outside the machine is large.

handball goal measurements,  The third generation biochemical analyzer:

the mirage sports book,  The third-generation biochemical analyzer is a fully automatic biochemical analyzer, that is, the entire process from sample addition to results is completely automatically completed by the instrument. The operator only needs to put the sample on the specific position of the biochemical analyzer, select the program to start the instrument and wait for the inspection report.

party poker private tournament,Since the United States successfully produced the world's first automatic biochemical analyzer in 1957, various automatic biochemical analyzers with different models and functions have continuously emerged, which has taken a very important step for the automation of clinical biochemical tests in hospitals. .

basketball usa ncaa,Since the first introduction of the principle of a clinical biochemical analyzer in the 1950s, with the development of science and technology, especially medical science, various biochemical automatic biochemical analyzers and diagnostic reagents have been greatly developed. According to the different structural principles of the instrument, It can be divided into four types: flow type, discrete type, centrifugal type and dry chip type.

888sport problems,  Mobile biochemical analyzer:

  The chemical reaction of each sample to be tested and the reagent mixed with the same measurement item is completed through the flow process in the same pipeline. Such instruments can generally be divided into air segmented system type and non-segmented system type. The so-called air segmented system means that each sample, reagent, and mixed reaction solution in the suction pipe is separated by a small segment of air; the non-segmented system relies on reagent blank or buffer to separate each sample The reaction solution. Among the mobile biochemical analyzers, there are more air segmented systems.,basketball layup fakes

  ①Constitution of mobile biochemical analyzer,tennis clash quick serve

Among the flow biochemical analyzers, there are many and typical air segmented systems. The complete set of instruments is composed of sample trays, proportional pumps, mixing tubes, dialyzers, thermostats, colorimeters, and recorders. composition.,gm cricket bat website

  ②The advantages of mobile biochemical analyzer,tennis elbow lateral epicondylitis treatment

  The instrument automatically draws specimens and reagents to avoid manual contamination; automatically calculates the concentration value; automatically incubates.,the mirage sports book

  ③Disadvantages of mobile biochemical analyzer,soccer vista laliga 2

   Only one specimen can be measured at the same time; the test speed is slow; the incubation plate needs to be cleaned manually.,bet in cricket

   discrete biochemical analyzer:,basketball rack storage

tennis elbow lateral epicondylitis treatment,   The so-called discrete type refers to arranging programs by manual operation and replacing manual work with rhythmic mechanical operations. Each link is connected by a transfer belt and operated in sequence. At present, the medium and high-end products sold in China are basically this kind of instruments. The biggest features of this kind of instruments are: fast speed, low cross-contamination, and many test items.

  The difference between discrete and mobile,tennis clash quick serve

  The main difference in structure between the discrete biochemical analyzer and the pipeline biochemical analyzer is: the former reacts in each test tube with each sample and reagent, while the latter reacts in the same tube.,basketball nsw d league

volleyball memes funny,   Centrifugal biochemical analyzer:

tennis for two primer videojuego,The centrifugal biochemical analyzer is a biochemical analyzer developed after 1969. Its characteristic is that the chemical reactor is installed in the rotor position of the centrifuge. The circular reactor is called the rotor. First, the sample and reagent are placed separately In the rotor, when the centrifuge is started, the samples and reagents in the disc are mixed and reacted by the centrifugal force. After Z, they flow into the colorimetric cell on the outer ring of the disc, and are detected by the colorimeter.

bet in cricket,   Dry chip biochemical analyzer:

   Dry chip biochemical analyzer came out in the 1980s. First of all, Eastman Kodak company uses its superb chemical technology to create dry reagent tablets for measuring blood sugar, urea, protein, cholesterol, etc. in serum. When a quantitative serum is added, a color reaction occurs in front of the dry film, which can be quantified by detecting it with a reflectance photometer. This type of method completely eliminates liquid reagents, so it is called dry chemical method.,basketball usa ncaa

Development status of biochemical analyzer,bet in cricket

   Biochemical analyzer, as the basic diagnostic analysis instrument in medical laboratory departments of hospitals at all levels, has gone through three stages: spectrophotometer, semi-automatic biochemical analyzer, and automatic biochemical analyzer from research and development to the present. The working principle has also developed from manual operation to automated analysis, and from limited routine testing to comprehensive system analysis and testing. With the increasing maturity of electronic computer functions, automatic biochemical analyzers are developing in the direction of openness, rationalization, automation, intelligence, combination, and networking.,tennis shoes adidas mens

basketballkorb einbetonieren,At present, there is still a big gap between the automation process of domestic clinical laboratories and the automation level of international developed countries. The large and medium-sized automatic analyzers used in domestic hospitals at all levels are basically imported, so the domestic research and development of automatic biochemical analyzers It's already very urgent.

tennis for two primer videojuego,Only after 2000 did domestic research and development of automatic biochemical analyzers begin independently, but the product models are small, the analysis speed is slow, and the reagent consumption is large. Compared with foreign products, its degree of automation, accuracy, reliability and stability are quite large. gap. So now the country has formulated a technical plan for the development of a fully automatic biochemical analyzer: the self-developed fully automatic biochemical analyzer can carry out large-capacity multi-channel automatic analysis, and has reached the foreign intermediate and high-level level. Z has finally successfully developed a biosensing fully automatic Analyzer.

The development trend of biochemical analyzer,soccer in chinese word

soccer quotes shirts,However, with the advancement of science and technology, biochemical analyzers also need to follow in their footsteps. Many old products are often unable to meet our measurement needs. For example: mobile biochemical analyzers due to their complex structure, cumbersome operation and cross-contamination The restrictions on the ”have gradually faded out of the market, except for a few instruments that have basically been eliminated.

With the advancement of the scientific level, instead of cumbersome to operate the instrument, it is better to introduce a higher-level technological level, more powerful automatic biochemical analyzer, the old generation of instruments will slowly fade out of the market, and the future market will Automatic biochemical analyzer will occupy a large part of the proportion.,volleyball shoes that make you taller

Biochemistry analyzer