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Blood Glucose Monitor
- Jun 01, 2019 -

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all cricket player history,The blood glucose monitor is an instrument used to measure blood sugar, invented by Tom Clemens. At present, domestic blood glucose meters on the market are mainly divided into two categories: electrochemical method and light reflection technology.

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The electrochemical method uses the principle of detecting the current signal generated in the reaction process to reflect the blood sugar level. The electrons produced by the reaction between enzymes and glucose pass through the current counting facility to read the number of electrons, and then convert it into a glucose concentration reading.,all cricket player history

today's nba results,The light reflection method is to detect the color change of the test strip during the reaction process to reflect the blood sugar level. The intermediate (colored substance) produced by the reaction of the enzyme and glucose is used to detect the intensity of the reflected light on the reflective surface of the test paper. The intensity of the reflected light is converted into the glucose concentration.

epic sports volleyball equipment,The advantage of light reflection technology is that it is relatively mature and stable, and in an emergency, the color change on the back of the test paper can be visually inspected to assist in judging the level of blood sugar. However, this method will cause errors when operating in a strong light environment (such as outdoors in summer); in addition, when patients with hyperlipidemia and hyperbilirubinemia are tested with this home blood glucose meter, the error will also increase.

The electrochemical law will not be interfered by the above two factors, but the microwave oven and mobile phone in use will affect the accuracy of the instrument; therefore, when using this type of instrument for blood glucose monitoring, the instrument should be protected from electromagnetic radiation. You can choose according to actual usage.,basketball quotes sad

In any method, the test strip has a certain detection range, beyond this range, there is no linear relationship between the blood glucose concentration and the potential or the color depth. Above a certain concentration, the electrochemical instrument is in a saturated state and is no longer sensitive to changes in blood glucose levels.,basketball or nothing where are they now 2021

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What should I pay attention to when buying?,tennis ball hopper head

volleyball training laredo tx,First of all, we should understand the types of blood glucose meters. According to their working principles, blood glucose meters are divided into two categories: photochemical method and electrode method. The photochemical blood glucose meter is stable and accurate; the electrode blood glucose meter is different in the electrode material, the built-in correction system is different, and the price, accuracy, and stability are quite different. This type of blood glucose meter requires less blood and is tested. The result is fast (a few seconds).

volleyball training laredo tx,Second, attention should be paid to the price/performance ratio, including the price of test strips.

Third, pay attention to after-sales service, as test strips are easier to buy.,soccer team of spain

tennis player zverev girlfriend,Fourth, when you buy a blood glucose meter, you should read the instructions carefully, and pay attention to understanding the characteristics and special requirements of the instrument. If you have any questions during the test, you should communicate with professionals in a timely manner.

How to store blood glucose test strips?,volleyball libero sayings

opera sports soccer barcelona,The blood glucose test strips are required to be placed in a dry, +10°C and +40°C temperature. Do not place it in the bathroom or kitchen, let alone store it in the refrigerator, as these places are extremely susceptible to moisture. If it has been put in the refrigerator, the sealed test paper tube needs to be slowly heated at room temperature before use, until it reaches room temperature. Do not remove the test paper before the test paper tube reaches room temperature to avoid the formation of condensation in the test paper tube. Patients living in some relatively humid places (such as the south) should pay attention: every time a test strip is taken out, the sealing cover of the test strip tube should be closed immediately to prevent the test strip from getting wet; if you open a new tube of test strips, try to use it within three months; e.g. If possible, try to buy blood glucose test strips that are individually packaged.

What should be paid attention to in the test?,volleyball training laredo tx

monopoly game of thrones india,① Try to stay at room temperature; ② Avoid placing the instrument near electromagnetic fields (such as mobile phones, microwave ovens, etc.); ③ Do not collect too much or too little blood (especially for photochemical blood glucose meters).

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betfred world championship qualifiers 2021,It is very painful if the blood sampling point is chosen in the middle of the finger. It is generally recommended to take the blood point on the side of the finger, where the nerve distribution is less than the middle of the finger, and the pain is less. But don't get too close to the edge of the nail, it will not be easy to disinfect, and it will not squeeze the blood. The blood sampling point can be selected alternately among the ten fingers, and most people choose the other eight fingers except the thumb. Before blood collection, you can wash your hands with warm water and hang your arms to fill the blood vessels of your fingers and make blood collection easier. After the lancet pen punctures the finger, squeeze the blood from the heel of the finger to the tip of the finger (blood sampling point). Do not squeeze the blood vigorously, otherwise the squeezed out plasma and tissue fluid will account for a large proportion, which will affect the accuracy.

What if the squeeze does not bleed or the blood volume is low?,blackjack strategy chart

It may be related to the following reasons: ①The peripheral (finger) circulation is poor, and warm water can be used to wash hands, hanging arms, etc. ②The depth of blood collection is not enough. The blood collection pen has different scales. You must understand which scale is suitable for blood collection and then "start". ③I didn't master the technique of squeezing blood. In addition to the "light force" mentioned above, the force for squeezing blood should be at least 0.5cm above the blood collection point. When squeezing blood, you can see the skin congestion at the bleeding point.,lawn tennis near me

fixed russian table tennis,If the blood is squeezed too close to the bleeding point and the blood vessels are "squashed", how can the blood be squeezed out?

What is the normal blood sugar value?,spanish 21 online casino

onefootball business model,Blood glucose refers to the glucose contained in the blood, and blood glucose measurement is the main indicator for judging the condition and control of diabetes. The normal value of venous plasma is 3.6 to 6.1 millimoles/liter (65 to 110 millimol/dL).

Blood Glucose Monitor