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                                        • Kingoro Group: The Transformation Road of Traditional Manufacturing(part 1)

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                                          On February 19, the mobilization meeting of Jinan City to accelerate the construction of a new era of modern and strong provincial capital was held, which blew the Charge for the construction of a strong provincial capital of Jinan. Jinan will focus its efforts on scientific and technological inn...

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                                        • Happy work and healthy life to all employees of Shandong Kingoro

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                                          Ensuring the physical and mental health of employees and creating a happy working platform is an important work content of the group’s party branch, the group’s Communist Youth League, and the Kingoro Trade Union. In 2021, the work of the Party and Workers Group will focus on the them...

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                                              • The Political Research Office of Jinan Municipal Party Committee visited Kingoro Machinery for investigation

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                                                On March 21, Ju Hao, deputy director of the Policy Research Office of the Jinan Municipal Party Committee, and his entourage walked into Jubangyuan Group to investigate the development status of private enterprises, accompanied by the main responsible comrades of the District Committee Political ...

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                                                  1. How to maintain the gears of the biomass pellet machine

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                                                    The gear is a part of the biomass pellet machine. It is an indispensable core part of the machine and equipment, so its maintenance is very important. Next, Shandong Kingoro pellet machine manufacturer will teach you how to maintain the gear to be more effective. To maintain it. Gears vary accord...

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                                                            • Congratulations to the successful convening of the 8th Member Congress of Shandong Institute of Particulates

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                                                              On March 14, the 8th Member Representative Conference of Shandong Institute of Particulates and the Awarding Conference of Science and Technology Award of Shandong Institute of Particulates was held in the auditorium of Shandong Jubangyuan High-end Equipment Technology Group Co., Ltd. Researcher ...

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                                                            • Ways to make the sawdust pellet machine play a role

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                                                              The way to make the sawdust pellet machine play its value. Sawdust pellet machine is mainly suitable for granulating coarse fibers, such as wood chips, rice husks, cotton stalks, cotton seed skins, weeds and other crop stalks, household garbage, waste plastics and factory waste, with low adhesion...

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                                                              2. On World Consumer Rights Day, Shandong kingoro pellet machine guaranteed the quality and bought with confidence

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                                                                March 15 is international consumer rights day,Shandong kingoro always believe that only adhere to the quality,Is the real protection of the rights and interests of consumers Quality consumption, a better life With the economic development, the types of pellet machines are becoming more and more ...

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                                                                  1. Cow dung can be used not only as fuel pellets, but also for cleaning dishes

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                                                                    With the rapid development of the cattle industry, manure pollution has become a major problem. According to relevant data, in some places, cattle manure is a kind of waste, which is very suspected. The pollution of cow manure to the environment has exceeded industrial pollution. The total amount...

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                                                                    1. “Fascinating mien, Charming Woman” Shandong Kingoro wishes all female friends a Happy Women’s Day

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                                                                      On the occasion of the annual  Women’s Day, Shandong Kingoro upholds the fine tradition of “caring for and respecting female employees”, and specially convenes the  Festival of “Fascinating mien, Charming Woman”. Secretary Shan Yanyan and Director Gong Wenhui of the ...

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                                                                          • Shandong Kingoro 2021 Marketing launch conference officially opened

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                                                                            On February 22( the night of January 11th,Chinese lunar year), Shandong kingoro 2021 Marketing launch conference with the theme of “hand in hand, advance together” was held ceremoniously. Mr. Jing Fengguo, Chairman of Shandong Jubangyuan Group, Mr. Sun Ningbo, General Manager, Ms. L...

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                                                                              • Argentina Biomass bet365 online betting Line Delivery

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                                                                                Last week,we completed the biomass pellet production line delivery to Argentina customer.     We would like to share some photos.     In order to recognize us better.     Which will be your best business partner.  

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                                                                                1. Annual output of 50,000 tons wood pellet production line delivery to Africa

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                                                                                  Recently,we have completed annual output of 50,000 tons wood pellet production line delivery to African customers.     The goods will be shipped from Qingdao Port to Mombasa.     Totally 11 containers including 2*40FR,1*40OT and 8*40HQ  

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                                                                                                    1. Write your message here and send it to us

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